Partnering for Coke Conversion

The Company


To deliver Metallurgical Coke of highest quality, respecting the environment, valuing our employees, satisfying the customers and adding value to the stakeholders.


To be one of the top five Merchant Coke producers globally.

Company Background

Kalimati Steel Private Limited was incorporated in 2004 with the principal objective to manufacture Low Ash Metallurgical Coke, to cater to blast furnaces in the region.

The Company is currently being managed by Mr. Jain and Mr. Agarwal, both being competent individuals with adequate industrial experience in coal & coke trading and manufacturing of LAM coke.

The Company set up its plant in 2004 specifically to meet the LAM coke requirement of Tata Metaliks Ltd. (TML) which had its plant located in the vicinity of 2 kms and the plant was set up in 2004. The project was part financed by Term Loan from State Bank of India, Kolkata.

The plant with installed capacity to manufacture 84000 MTs of LAM coke per annum under 2 batteries of 24 ovens each is being operated exclusively to meet the needs of TML. The existing plant has two units of coke ovens named Unit 1 and Unit 2. Unit 1 has two ovens, named Oven A (12 nos. ovens) & B (12 nos. ovens) and Unit 2 has Oven C (12 nos. ovens) & D (12 nos. ovens ), total 48 nos. ovens. Unit- 1 has been recently revamped & Unit 2 is being partly revamped. Currently both units are in running condition and producing high quality Coke. Total production capacity considering both Units is 84,000 MTPA.

The plant has been supplying about 6000-6100 MTs per month since the date of its commencement.