Partnering for Coke Conversion



Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jain
Founding Director

Has been part of the Company since inception and his exceptional plant management skills are used to personally oversee the production and materials management. Mr. Jain has an extensive experience of of 25+ years in Coal & Coke industry. He has commissioned and operated cokeries successfully in different parts of India. He was a key person to turn around Redi cokery by revamping and operating it successfully. Mr. Jain is a self-made man hailing from Dhanbad who has owned directorships in several cokeries in the region. Being a Coke Oven expert due to his vast field experience he enjoys in efficient overall production management of the cokery.

Mr. Hamesh Kumar Agarwal

He is the new incumbent on the Board and has the requisite experience having been part of a similar industry in Jamnagar & Goa manufacturing LAM coke there. He takes care of marketing and interactions, a key management function, while also being responsible for human resources and general administration. He is also associated with a company engaged predominantly in the trade of coking coal and met coke.


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