Partnering for Coke Conversion

Manufacturing facilities

Kalimati Steel Pvt. Ltd. (KSPL), incorporated in the year 2004 has an installed capacity of 84000MT of Low Ash Metallurgy (LAM) Coke at Kharagpur in West Bengal. The company was set up with a principal objective to supply LAM coke to blast furnaces in the region.

The establishment has 2 batteries of 24 coke ovens, named as Unit 1 with Oven A & B and Unit 2 with Oven C & D. Unit 1 was commissioned during December 2005 and Unit 2 was commissioned during November 2006.

KSPL employs Beehive coking process, which is a relatively modern process in the industry. This process uses Pusher type technology and is less labour intensive. Coke oven batteries with Pusher type technology installed have registered high level of success in the operations.