Partnering for Coke Conversion

Manufacturing facilities - Pusher Car Technology

KSPL installed pusher cars for pushing coke out of the coke oven to make it less labour intensive operation. KSPL has a Coke Pusher car & Stationary pusher car in operation.

A Coke pusher designed for pushing coke out of coke ovens carries out main operations like coke oven door extraction, pushing coke out of coke oven, leveling of coal-charge. The machine is equipped with a mechanism that fulfills main operations: burning graphite on coke oven roof, cleaning and service of doors/frames, raising/lowering/cleaning of leveler hatch, receipt/storage/discharge of coal spilled when leveling and spillage cleaning.

The machine travels on the track along the coke oven battery front at coke side. Coke pusher is made as a mobile three-floor steel work with mechanisms, cabins and assemblies for process operations, mounted on it.