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Our Products Range

Lumpy coke

Lumpy Coke: >60mm
It is primarily used by the foundries as their raw material along with Limestone and Pig Iron.

BF coke

BF Coke: 25-60mm
The term is used for such Met Coke which are used for iron making in BF. BF Coke fulfills 3 main functions in the blast furnace operation:

  1. A. It acts as a fuel providing heat for all reactions.
  2. B. It acts as a reductant providing Carbon Dioxide gas and carbon for reduction of iron ore, and
  3. C. It provides the required permeability for movement of gases through the bed of iron ore, coke and limestone inside the blast furnace.

Nut coke

Nut Coke: 10-25mm
It is primarily used in smelters and in the production of ferro-alloys.

Breeze coke

Breeze Coke: <10mm
The size (0-10 mm) is used for increasing the Carbon percentage by Ferro Alloys manufacturers and the 0-4 mm size is used by the power plants. Its also used in Sinter plant and used for Briquetting purposes.