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Kalimati Steel Pvt Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Cutting edge technology & experienced management at KSPL ensure that needs and expectations of customers are met.
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Employing cutting-edge technology

KSPL employs Beehive coking process, which is a relatively modern process in the industry. This process uses Pusher type technology and is less labour intensive. Coke oven batteries with Pusher type technology installed have registered high level of success in the operations.

We employ non recovery coke ovens which are eco-friendly to ensure sustainability & zero pollution. As per the regulation vide The Gazette of Indian (MOE & F)’s notification dated 31.10.1997, adoption of non recovery coke ovens for coke making is in itself a LOW-EMISSION PROCEDURE ensuring control of emissions and maintain environmental quality in work zone area.

Expansion Plans

Understanding the brighter future market perspective, KSPL initiated capacity expansion. The production capacity is being ramped up to 1, 68,000 M.T/ Annum about double the existing capacity. Along with this, we are introdcuting Latest Stamp Charging Technology & 5 M.W Power Plant on BOO Basis.

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